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Find Special Collectibles in Twin Falls, ID

Find Special Collectibles in Twin Falls, ID

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Want to add something truly unique to your living space? Acquired Treasures in Twin Falls, ID has you covered. Our collectibles store is full of items for every collector out there.

We've got a vast selection of items like:

  • Decorative plates
  • Mormon statues
  • Vases
  • Statues
  • Model cars
  • Antiques
  • Military gear
  • Toys
  • Coins
  • Artwork
  • Comics
  • Decorations

Whatever it is that you're into collecting, odds are we've got something you'll love. We'll even keep an eye out for any specific items and let you be among the first to know when we add them to our inventory.

Shop around for new antiques at our local collectibles store today.

Decorate your private getaway

Planning to add a man cave or she shed to your home? Our local collectible store is a great place to stock up on new display items at low prices.

Here, you can find a great mixture of new and vintage items. With our help, you can give your special space a unique look that matches your personality.

Learn more about the current inventory at our collectibles store by contacting us now.